Where are the
Black Designers?

Designing and Organizing for Black Liberation
June 26 & 27, 2021
Colorful illustration of Black femme astronaut

Join us for the second annual Where are the Black Designers? conference - a FREE and accessible virtual design conference spanning two days.

We will be featuring 30+ voices on topics such as creating spaces, imagining Black futures, believing In Black stories, violent vs. non-violent allyship, and much more.
This event will be interpreted live in American Sign Language.

WATBD? continues our mission of supporting, amplifying, and making space for the entire spectrum of Black creativity by connecting designers, educators, creative leaders, and allies.


Poster Challenge

This poster challenge is our way of protesting the racial injustice within the creative and tech industry by calling out companies and agencies who still lack diversity and representation in the workplace.
Join us in the protest by submitting a poster to the @wherearetheblackdesigners instagram. This challenge is open to any and all creatives. We will be taking poster submissions until June 20th.
Poster Requirements ↗
2020 Conference poster example #42020 Conference poster example #12020 Conference poster example #32020 Conference poster example #2
We’ll be announcing our speakers and schedule soon!